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The following women refused Joseph Smith’s proposals, and this is only a list of those we have confirmed there is likely many more we do not have records of:

Rachel Ivins Grant

Esther Johnson

Eliza Winters

Emeline White

Pamela Michael

Athalia Rigdon

Lovina Smith

Caroline Grant Smith

Cordelia C Morley Cox

Leonora Cannon Taylor

Melissa Schindle

Mrs. Robert Foster

Lucy Smith Milligan

Miss Marks

(This list was found in Jim Whitefields book “The Mormon Delusion Vol. 1”)

I would like to take a minute and congratulate these forgotten women for refusing Joseph’s immoral advances (several of whom were already married). Most members have accepted polygamy as something in the past that must have been approved by God when it was practiced. However, I’m not sure how many Mormons realize how many women Joseph Smith married and at what frequency.

On October 25th 1841 Joseph Smith told a 19 year-old married woman that she must marry him or an angel with a sword will slay him. From this point until November 2nd 1843, when he married Fanny Young Murray, he married a total of 29 women.

Now, perspective: If we average out these 29 women over this time period we will find that Joseph Smith approached a new woman about every 25 days. He did so all in the name of God, in secrecy (even from Emma) and using his position of authority.

I would submit that if missionaries shared this information with every investigator, baptisms would plummet and church growth would begin to decline, as we have already seen in developed countries where access to this information is easily found. Historical fact is purposefully kept from the membership, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Here is a nice visual timeline for anyone who is interested: