As I continue my journey, I’m coming to peace with ‘not knowing’. I am beginning to realize that I know more about what I don’t believe than what I do believe.

Mormons reading this will most likely scoff and sneer… because Mormonism provides ‘all the answers’. You see, this is part of the attraction to Mormonism for many followers: having the answers. Never mind that the answers were created out of thin air by a power-hungry, imaginative, over-sexualized man (Joseph Smith); they are answers.

As I progress in this life, I am realizing that it is ok not to have all the answers. In fact, there is a wisdom in accepting the fact that we neither have nor require having all the answers. I have been expanding my studies outside of the parameters of religion and venturing into the world of science. I have always had an instinctual belief that God and science were one.

In my studies, I’ve found that there are many parallels between God and science. Recent research into the field of quantum physics has shed new light on the fundamental properties of matter. It has been theorized that the most fundamental properties of matter involve consciousness, a state of existence that is all-knowing, having always existed and unchangeable. Sound familiar? In the bible, God has been similarly described.

As my studies continue, I continue to find myself in a place of letting go: letting go not just of Mormon theology, but also of cultural ‘norms’ regarding religion. I feel as though I am peeling back the layers of a Mormon upbringing as well as cultural indoctrination regarding God and coming to a place of increasing simplicity.

I have been asked, “So, what do you believe?”

I believe in God: a God who is all knowing, unchangeable, a God who is our creator according to the laws of science which he also created, a God who loves us in a perfect way (so perfect it is far beyond what many can even comprehend). I believe God loves us unconditionally regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

Man has so complicated life through religion.¬†Mormonism is an extreme example of how complicated life can become through religion. Religion is man’s creation, not God’s. Wars have been fought over religion. In the name of religion, humankind has judged, condemned, hated, and murdered. Families have been ripped apart in the name of religion. All of this is contrary to God’s purposes.

I believe God exists whether there is a religion out there to box Him in or not. His way is simple. His way is one of love and letting go.